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Help your school develop and infuse social-emotional learning, restorative practices and trauma-informed strategies through the creation of sustainable and effective behavior management strategies

Our Five Pillars

Highfive uses five core research-based pillars to increase student behavioral success.


Recognizing and honoring the dignity of each student’s culture and identity. 

Restorative Practices

Building belonging, taking accountability, and repairing the harm of actions.

Applied Neuroscience

Using brain-based and developmentally appropriate strategies to coach students.


Grounded in the understanding and responsiveness of the impacts of trauma.

Future of Work Skills

Preparing students to be successful and adaptable in an ever-changing society.

Meet the Team

We are a group of passionate and experienced educators eager to share our knowledge of restorative practices, behavioral neuroscience, trauma informed practices and much more!

Nathan Maynard

CEO & Cofounder, Consultant, and Co-Author of Hacking School Discipline

Brad Weinstein

CIO & Cofounder, Consultant, and Co-Author of Hacking School Discipline

Dr. Luke Roberts

Executive Director of Sustainability and Systems Complexities

Liz Toruno

Executive Director of Culture and Engagement

Dwayne Reed

Keynote Presenter, Consultant, Author and "America's Favorite Rapping Teacher"

Sarah Nunn

Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Patton

Systems Administrator

Dr. Benjamin Lester

Director of Restorative Community Schools and Restorative Consultant/Coach

Dubois Hines

Restorative Consultant

Dr. Devorah Heitner

Author, Speaker and Digital Learning Consultant

Melissa Banal Hoyt

Restorative Consultant

Angela Davis

Restorative Consultant

Susan Stone

Title IX and Special Education Attorney

Kristina Supler

Title IX and Special Education Attorney

Tony Nunn

Lead Videographer

America Carrillo

Mural Artist & Immersive Art Facilitator

& More!

Our team is always growing to meet your needs!

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