Assess, coach, implement.

Hands-on training + on-demand support to ensure educators are prepared to effectively implement and maintain restorative practices

Foundational Professional Development Trainings

Full day or half day sessions with an expert in the following: 

  • Restorative Practices 
  • Trauma-Informed Practices 
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Equity
  • Educational Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Improving Campus Culture & Climate
  • & More!
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Inspirational Keynote Speakers

Are you looking to inspire your staff for the fall? Need a midyear pick me up? Have an upcoming PD day that could use some extra excitement? We have phenomenal keynote speakers ready to inspire your staff today!

Keynote speakers

Comprehensive Needs Assessments

We believe in building capacity within each campus. Our Comprehensive Needs Assessment utilizes qualitative and quantitative data about student discipline and the mindsets of current students/staff/families to help us work with your administration team to design a plan of action based on your goals!  

Job-Embedded Coaching

Our team is available to support your district/campus all year round with in person or virtual coaching. Our Job-Embedded Coaching creates an on-site “Personal Learning Network.” The focus of this PLN is to have the supports identified and nurtured within the building. These on-site job embedded coaching days will be co-designed with what needs and goals your school has identified during the Comprehensive Needs Assessment and any prior planning calls.

Self-Paced Courses, Book Studies, and Toolkits

We recognize that not every campus/district is in the same place in their journeys and not everyone has the extra time, budget, or subs available for a full day training or support. We offer self-paced courses, book studies, and toolkits to help you feel well equipped to get started on your journey on your own. And don't forget that we will always be here to support you if you need a little extra help!

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On-Demand Professional Development Services

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Reviewing qualitative and quantitative data about discipline and mindsets on campus. Includes a virtual 2.5 hour meeting with admin to discuss/ plan as well as fidelity checks throughout the school year.

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Job-Embedded Coaching (In-Person)

Coaching and Support around Restorative Practices in real time with a Highfive team member. This day can be co-designed prior to services.

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In-Person and Virtual Tier 1 Restorative Professional Development

Up to 100 attendees per session at this price. Additional fee for more attendees. Can be custom, foundational, or next level content based upon attendee/district needs.

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Virtual Book Study

Six 45 minute sessions with a team member, breaking down the chapters of Hacking SchoolDiscipline. (Can also be provided with a self-paced prerecorded course)

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Virtual Highfive Foundational Training

Self-Paced, pre-recorded course to catch new teachers and admin up on tier 1 practices already being implemented in the district.

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5 Session Parent Academy

Five 45 minute sessions covering the foundations of Restorative Practices and what is being done in the district as well as tools to use at home.

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Virtual Bite-Sized Social Emotional Learning Toolkit

Self-paced 180 days of SEL lessons and activities.

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Restorative Practices Toolkit

Resource Toolkit for educators that follows along with tools and concepts taught in the foundationalPD sessions.

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