Analyze, inform, restore.

A systems approach to building a sense of community and belonging in every classroom


Highfive simplifies the discipline process

Easily log behaviors
Customize measurable behaviors to match your school’s values
Reward resiliency, such as effort, going above and beyond, and more

Highfive allows schools to see patterns of student behavior

View real-time data for students, staff, and the school
Identify disproportionality in student subgroups
Catch early warning signs of problematic behaviors

Take the guesswork out of coaching with actionable data

Use data for student and school-wide improvements and to inform decision-making
Create communication and collaboration around student issues
Monitor the impact of restorative interventions

Coach students towards making things right

Coach students on behaviors and skills
Infuse relationship-building opportunities for students and staff
Hold students accountable for their actions by repairing the harm

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